still here

on Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We had an earthquake today. It wasn't bad at all; it only shook the building a bit and knocked some stuff off my desk, but it made for an exciting 30 seconds or so.

Last night I went out to eat with some fellow teachers at a hotpot restaurant. It was nice to get out and be social.

On Friday I fly to Hong Kong for 3 days, and Tuesday of next week I have to got to Taipei to be interviewed at a press conference about my opinions of the new homestay foreign exchange program that the government is instigating. Then on New Years Eve I'm going to head up to Taipei again to watch fireworks get shot off from the top of the 101. On the 1st of January I'm heading to Tainan to hang out with a co-worker there (it's her hometown), and then it's back to Kaohsiung after that.

I had to submit about 40 different little potential slogan things for the homestay program to the national minister of education the other day. It was supposed to have as few words as possible and but be powerful enough for people take interest in Taiwan and want to come here. but my ideas ranged from: "Discover Taiwan!" to "TAIWAN≠THAILAND" to "Come to the Republic of China! (it's better than regular China)" It'll be interesting to see what they go with...


brigham said...

Hmmm I am no expert on match making, but if you have any self respect I think that you should be "making a move" on the girl farthest to the left. Just a suggestion.

ajmellor85 said...

if she wasn't engaged to the guy on right i probably would