Holiday Plans

on Saturday, November 22, 2008

Next Friday I have to go to Macau for my visa renewal. I'm not that excited, it's basically just the Asian Vegas. On the 26th of December I have to leave again, but this time for Hong Kong. A 3-day, 2-night trip to Hong Kong (airfare and 3 star hotel) is somewhere around $12,000 NT which comes out to about $360 USD. Not bad at all, but not that great either when I only make about $600 USD a month and I'm trying to save money for when I get back to the States. Also, It's not going to be that fun of a trip, because I'll be going again with mom less than a month later (which will be way more fun).
I like to see new places, and I'm greatful for this opportunity to travel, but it's almost a torture to go to some of these cool places alone; just because I know that I will never find the right words to describe how cool they are, or take a picture that will do them justice.


sinead said...

I think the one of you hanging upside down in the elephant's trunk pretty much says it all ;)