another saturday

on Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday October 5, 2008

I went to the Soushan Zoo yesterday, not very cool. it was pretty boring, except that the fence around the zebra cage is only like 3 feet high so you can get just hop over and get really close. while i was walking around looking at the animal exhibits I noticed that most of them were monkeys. I started wondering why i paid to walk around and look at monkeys in cages When I can walk on the trail behind the zoo, see them in their real habitat, and play with them and feed them for free.

After the zoo, I went down to the harbor on my scooter and got on a scooter ferry and went to Cijin Island again. It's way more fun over there when you have a scooter to get around on.


sinead said...

AJ, are those red rocks in that picture of the tidepools?
Loved the Zebra, good thing the zookeepers aren't responsible for a Siberian tiger or anything...
How come you aren't sticking around for Double Ten Day, that's a big deal in Taipei, don't they do anything for it in Kaohsiung? And why does this site make you type wiggly letters before printing your comments? Are they weeding out dyslexics?