on Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yesterday was the School Year Opening Ceremonies for the Chung Shan Industrial Private School, and it was quite the spectacle. They had the big Taiko drums, dragon dancers, and a parade, it was pretty awesome. It’s a military style school, so all of the students marched and lined up in formation in the courtyard. My camera is a piece of crap so it didn’t really do it justice.
I taught my writing class yesterday, I was really nervous about that, mainly because it’s actually a pretty intense course to teach for someone who does not have a degree in teaching. Looking at the curriculum, it’s basically English 0990 at the college. I was nervous, but I found that I think I’m going to like teaching that class more than any other class. It’s easier to grade.
I also started teaching an English drama class, I hate this one. It’s hard to understand what they want me to do, and I don’t really want to talk to the homeroom teacher (who asked me to teach it) at any great lengths about it, because the day before yesterday Steve tried (very awkwardly) to set me up on a date with her. The scenario went something like this: I was talking to her and Steve about the class and he and she started to speak to each other in Chinese, so I went and sat back at my desk. A couple minutes later she came over to my desk and said, “You’re so cute, when do you want to go? You just tell me the day and time and we can go to dinner anywhere. And next time don’t have to be so shy, you can just ask me, I’m very friendly.” I kept glancing at Steve in horror as he hid behind his monitor trying not to laugh as I stumbled to find my words.
I now teach at the Kaohsiung Municipal Junior High as well after I’m done here at the private school. It’s a more relaxed class, in fact it’s not really a class at all, it’s an English club. We play games and just practice speaking.
When the MRT train is finished on the 12th I’m going to move out here to Daliao, where the school is. Then I can just walk the half block to the school and it’s safer to drive my scooter, because it’s a small town and does not have as many cars on the roads. But If I want to go into the city, I can just hop on the train and not have to risk my life dealing with the traffic on my scooter.
I don’t have any classes today or tomorrow this week, but I have a crap load of lesson plans to write.


Karlos said...

AJ, If you ever get to Taipei, make sure you visit the National Palace Museum. It houses all of the artifacts that were shuttled to Taiwan from Mainland China in an effort to protect them from destruction when the communists took over. The museum was just recently renovated and houses by far the world's best collection of Chinese artifacts and historical pieces.

brigham said...

Shwi Pee... I remember how to say sprite, "snow water" that is what people told me at least. Sounds like you are having a good time and staying busy. You have to take pictures of these people that you are talking about in your stories.